Tech at Night: Nobody cares about privacy, not even criminals

On September 30, 2014, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

I’m sure everyone’s tired of my saying it, but nobody cares about privacy. That’s why texting and Gmail are so popular, nobody does end-to-end encryption, Facebook is nearly ubiquitous, and nude photos keep getting broadcast everywhere.

This is why it’s so silly to keep trying to obstruct NSA going after the bad guys, when people’s non-existent privacy practices are broadcasting all of that data and metadata anyway. Let’s get serious.

Even idiot dope dealers are blasting information on Youtube, which is really stupid when you’re breaking the law like that.

I will say though it’s very interesting that a guy who sold a spyware program has been arrested for it. I feel like there may be more to this story.

Why do we need NSA though? the bad guys never sleep, some state-backed, some not, using tools like Tor and Bitcoin to conduct their attacks on honest people.

By the way, you may have heard about the ‘bash’ or ‘shell’ bug. While this is a big deal for some people who manage services online, most people don’t really have to worry that much about it. If you’re keeping your home networks secured (turn off the public broadcast of your “SSID” on your home network, use WPA2, and use a good password for that encryption), you really don’t have to worry unless there are people you don’t trust already in your network and on your computer.

So keep updated, but don’t panic.

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