Steve Foley, a member of the community for six years and later founder of The Minority Report, has formed an Exploratory Committee to consider a challenge of Loretta Sanchez in California District 47.

Loretta Sanchez is an unabashed racist who originally won her seat from Bob Dornan through electoral fraud that the House of Representatives swept under the rug, and used every racist plea she could come up with to find a way to beat Van Tran in 2010. But on the plus side, she’s one of the Democrats whose campaign funds were stolen by embezzling treasurer to California Democrats Kinde Durkee.

Update: Even better news is that the new 47 is an open seat.

So if Steve Foley can, he’ll run against her, and I hope he gets far. Win or lose, this is a new way forward for conservative activists to gain further influence in the Republican party, and through the party, to change the country.

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