A list of the most influential conservatives

On February 17, 2016, in General, by Neil Stevens

Dan McLaughlin was talking about the most influential conservatives of his lifetime. So I got to thinking about who I think the most influential modern conservatives were.

It’s not 100% “in my lifetime” as Goldwater’s direct influence had waned substantially by the time I was born, but the effects of his Presidential run were still being felt.

The list, in order:

  • Reagan – Presidency changed the GOP
  • Buckley – Founded the modern conservative movement
  • Scalia – His wit inspired countless conservative legal minds
  • Goldwater – Presidential run grew what Buckley started
  • Rehnquist – The Lone Ranger paved the way for Scalia
  • Gingrich – Shrank the government in a way few ever have
  • DeMint – Forerunner of the TEA party anti-establishment revolt
  • Erickson – Champion of the TEA party revolt, outsider’s voice
  • Helms – Senator No, tireless warrior in the Senate
  • Thomas – Much quieter than Scalia, but heroically withstands the left’s arrows

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