The Moon Crystal 6-2 Superjump

On February 4, 2014, in General, by Neil Stevens
There are five key frames for this one difficult jump done in the Moon Crystal TAS by Hotarubi (also done in a live run by StuckInAPlate). Here are screenshots and input explanations for my own benefit. MoonCrystal-24306

This is frame 24306 of the 8:19.05 TAS. We’ll call this frame zero. It is the first frame Riki is visible on this screen. The controller is holding Right.


This is frame 3. Three frames later, A is pressed, while Right is still held.


This is frame 12. Nine frames later, A is released, while Right is still held..


This is frame 21. Nine frames later, Right is released, and Up is pressed.


This is frame 22. On the next frame, Up is released. The controller is neutral.

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