Captain America

On July 22, 2011, in General, by Neil Stevens

Some may know from Twitter that I had a very bad morning. Blood pressure must have been through the roof. I was in a bit of pain in fact.

So I unplugged. And part of unplugging meant going to see Captain America with my brother. I asked Twitter it was worth seeing, go no replies. Then later I found out today was apparently the first day, so I had to take a chance. And I promised my brother that if the movie got politically offensive I was walking out.

I don’t read superhero comic books. Never have, never will. In fact the last such movies I saw were Batman and Batman Returns. So if you want someone to judge how faithful the movie is to the source material, I’m not your guy.

Just from my perspective, there was nothing wrong with the movie. I’m very sensitive to left-wing politics thrown into a movie, but I saw none of that. Captain America’s love for America is not made fun of. His outfit is, but in an appropriate way. America is not the bad guy. The bad guys are the bad guys.

I’d see it again at some point.

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