Saying whatever it takes to spread Islam in America

On March 13, 2011, in General, by Neil Stevens

I just ran across this 2006 Fox News account of a dispute in Katy, TX, in which some Muslims bought land next to a century-old family pig farm, then insisted the pig farmers should leave and/or stop farming pigs, so the newcomers could be happier. Things got heated, the Muslim leader called the pig farmer a liar, and so the result was that the pig farmer started holding pig races on Fridays to spite the neighbors.

At the time, the Muslims claimed they were not trying to be a broad regional group, but rather just attracting 30 or so Muslims from the local area. “We are their neighbors,” the leader claimed.

Maybe not.

Fast forward 4 years and we find the center is now built, and is attracting five hundred people to this apparent Muslim separatist group, which has as a stated goal a way of creating a complete community for Muslims apart from everyone else.

The pig farmer stopped the races in an attempt to be nice, instead installing a cross and a star of David on the former racetrack. In response, the Muslim center announced plans to install loudspeakers blasting Islamic messages over the air five times a day, every day. Some neighbors.

Then again, they said it was 30 people. Whatever it takes, they’ll say.

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