The Great Mission Approaches

On July 29, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens

In the year 2167, Stellvia (宇宙のステルヴィア) warns us that the Earth will be impacted by a great electromagnetic storm and take severe damage, which sets up the later 189 year Great Mission to save humanity from total annihilation. It turns out the fictional timeline may not be too far from the real thing, judging by this astronomical report.

We don’t have 189 years to perfect quantum gravity, artificial gravity technology, and get stations built on the Earth, the Moon, and at various Lagrange Points to generate a massive field to stop a civilization ending strike. We only have have 172 years before RQ36 might end it all. Also, the first wave will hit in 2182, not 2167. Being off by 14 and 17 years really isn’t bad for a fictionalization of what seems destined to be actual events.

I hope we don’t bother building on Mars though. What’s the point, even if they will have a great Astroball team? I’m a fan of the yet-to-be-invented sport, due to its much greater similarity with basketball than with soccer, as pointed out on the show. Mars is a desert. Let’s build on Europa instead. Let us attempt landings there at least.

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