Disgaea 2

On July 5, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens

I like the flagship RPGs of Nippon Ichi Software. La Pucelle hooked me (so much so that I couldn’t quit Disgaea 2 until I saw Priere at least), Disgaea was a funny change of pace and rebalancing, Phantom Brave actually was brave and innovating, and Makai Kingdom matured those innovations while adding a few more of its own.

But Disgaea 2? It was just derivative, poured on busywork for its own sake, and was by far the worst game of the series up to that point.

I went into this game with high hopes, despite my disappointment when I saw the back of the box boasting incredibly enough of its regression to a grid, which is a huge step down from the free-form maps of its two most recent predecessors.

Some don’t like the resolution and detail of the graphics, which seem unchanged from La Pucelle itself for the most part. I don’t mind. I like hand-painted sprites. I adore the music.

What I do mind though is that the only new things this game brings are boring busywork. Earning the 66 felonies it took to get to Priere was long and boring. The expansion of the assembly use is also deathly boring when you’re Persuading by Force for the millionth time.

There’s grinding, and there’s having to fight easy monsters all day. Disgaea 2 is short on grind and long on boredom. If not for the fun plot I’d probably not have bothered completing everything I did in the game.

I bought Disgaea 3 around the time I bought 2, so I’ll be playing it. But if I don’t get reparations for this disappointment it’ll be my last of the run, whether NIS is counting Disgaea 4 to save the company or not.

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