Stacking the deck at the FCC

On April 26, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens

Here’s yet more proof that the FCC is determined to make its power grab: it won’t even pretend to be fair in information gathering. Take a look at this workshop scheduled for Wednesday. Officially the plan is to come up with ways to “preserve the Open Internet”, but in actuality it’s pretty much a propaganda seminar for Google-Obama Net Neutrality.

The list of panelists is just so biased. There’s even a representative from Clearwire, the Google-invested firm Andrew McLaughlin has been unethically lobbying for from his job in the White House.

But this is exactly what we expect from the Obama administration, isn’t it? From day one the message has been “I won.” And so, it continues.

P.S. the Net Neutrality comment period ends today. To speak up to the FCC visit their website and use proceeding number 09-191.


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