Freeloaders: One reason to oppose Net Neturality

On November 13, 2009, in General, by Neil Stevens

Coshocton County, Ohio accomplished one of the dreams of every socialist in America: its government set up free Internet access for everyone on a free, unrestricted wireless Internet access point. It was a great thing for everyone, for about five minutes. Then the freeloaders came in, with their Bittorrent clients and Pirate Bay searches, and were mass downloading movies, television, music, software, and games.

It got so bad after five years of abuse that the government has cancelled the service due to MPAA complaints.

Sure, a decent sized ISP has much better ways of dealing with abusers, but that’s just it: We need ISPs to be able to tier their service, so that people pay for what they use. That is just one reason Net Neutrality, as envisoned by Barack Obama and Google, must be defeated.


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