Brain dead at any speed

On October 27, 2009, in General, by Neil Stevens

Ralph Nader wasn’t always a creep with a wack-job agenda. He once made a little sense, back before he was scamming all the money he could from college kids through PIRGs. He was exposing just how unsafe cars were. He was right on some key things: Seat belts matter, and not having the whole car covered in blinding chrome matters. That’s true not just for the driver but for the drivers around him. Glare is glare, especially in environments like southern California.

Well, now some idiots here in California want to reverse that with a “Cool Cars” mandate, which would require cars again to be covered in reflective surfaces. Even worse, by coating the windows with a metallic reflectant, cars would be come more effective as Faraday cages, blocking wireless communications. What a luddite-friendly and safety-diminishing step backwards for California (and America, if this takes off)!

We’ve got to expose how terrible this idea is. Fortunately, we have Rush Limbaugh on the case.


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