Bipartisan Opposition to FCC’s Plans

On October 19, 2009, in General, by Neil Stevens

While the far left links up from Google to Free Press to the FCC to the White House, mainstream Republicans and Democrats alike are beginning to understand why we must defeat the FCC’s Net Neutrality plans.

I have copies of letters sent to FCC Chairman Genachowski by Democrats and Republicans alike, asking the FCC not to go ahead with the proposals. Democrat Governors Beebe of Arkansas, Henry of Oklahoma, Markell of Delaware, Nixon of Missouri, O’Malley of Maryland, Parkinson of Kansas, Perdue of North Carolina, and Rendell of Pennsylvania as well as Republican Governors Barbour of Mississippi, Brewer of Arizona, Perdue of Georgia, Perry of Texas, and Riley of Alabama all question the FCC’s planned actions. Attorney General Bruning of Nebraska, the National Foundation for Women Legislators, the National Conference of State Legislatures also have expressed such doubts.

This is an incredible coalition to have emerged. This is America’s mainstream standing up to the special interests which have wormed their way deep into the Obama administration, corporations fighting other corporations for control of the Internet.

We need the FCC to stand aside and allow freedom to flourish.


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