Net Neutrality Quick Hits

On October 9, 2009, in General, by Neil Stevens

Today was ‘Spend as much time with the nephew as I can’ day, so proper posts on these weren’t going to happen:

Don’t just take my word for it that the ‘Net Neutrality’ – as being pushed by the FCC Chairman and the left – would be bad. CMU Professor David Farber agrees and says Chairman Genachowski’s ideas would harm innovation. If government bureaucrats can dictate how we run our networks, then we won’t be able to innovate in how we run our networks, and everyone suffers in the long run. America will fall behind in Internet technology.

The Heartland Institute has more on Google hiring a former Free Press and current Senate staffer as its head of lobbying. Heartland is also bearing direct attacks attempting to shout it down. The left is not open to debate on this. They will make personal attacks on anyone who disagrees. We, in turn, must stop them.


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