Cisco’s Linksys using ancient cryptography?

On October 4, 2009, in General, by Neil Stevens

So I’m replacing my big, old fashioned home server with a simple little router device, moving all the stuff I’m hosting here offsite to ThePlanet.

Naturally I’m being very, very picky about what router I get. I’m starting with Linksys since that’s what my whole network is right now, Ethernet and 802.11g. But their routers are advertising as features the uses of 3DES and SHA algorithms. This is disturbing because the former is slow and was superseded years ago by the AES version of the Rijndael cipher, while the latter has been compromised.

It will be nice to give up the manually-assigned static IPs I’ve been using forever, in this age where every single video game and gadget wants an IP address these days. I’ll take the DHCP, I’ll take the VPN, but I’d hate to lay down good money on the new hotness for my home network, only to rely on old and busted cryptography!


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