The Queue Explodes

On September 7, 2009, in General, by Neil Stevens

So just as I’m mixing in some Patapon 2 with my Pangya on the elliptical, Sony re-releases Patapon in the Playstation Store. So I picked that up, and while I was there got Wipeout HD, since it was reasonably priced as well.

It’s an attractive game, and I expect to play it now and then. But all these downloaded games are killing my ability ever to catch up with all the games I’ve bought. On disc I stil have Makai Kingdom, and Disgaeas 2 and 3 to deal with. I’d like to play Phantom Brave Wii Meet again as well. SimCity DS calls me for snippets now and then. Street Fighter IV isn’t bad. Etrian Odyssey and its sequel await.

That’s enough as it is, but once you start throwing in impulse buys like Wipeout HD and Marvel v. Capcom 2 (Chun Li, Roll, and Megaman!), or World of Goo and the whole world of Wiiware and Virtual Console downloads, I can’t even pretend to have a clear queue anymore.

At some point maybe I should just take a week of pure vacation and just play.


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