Tried Camino Tonight

On August 31, 2009, in General, by Neil Stevens

Camino almost got me tonight. I heard on Twitter that a NoScript substitute existed for Camino, and I’d heard long ago that it had a Greasemonkey substitute.

So, I tried it. Step one was getting my cookies, cookie preferences, and bookmarks out of Firefox. They all imported flawlessly into the Camino 2 beta. That was great.

Turns out between Camino’s own flash blocking, and the CamiNoScript javascript blocking, I was going to be fine JS-wise. That was great.

Sadly though, GeekMonkey is no GreaseMonkey substitute. Geekmonkey is a ‘bookmarklet’ that turns UserScripts into ‘bookmarklets.’ So for a script to run on a page, you must click. Click for every page you load, for every script you want run. That was unnacceptable.

So, back to Firefox…


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