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On August 27, 2009, in General, by Neil Stevens

I couldn’t find a new game to play on the elliptical with the DS. Etrian Odyssey and SimCity require too much stylus precision at times and get annoying. Populous and Civilization I’ve played out. Of other games I have, Picross and Geometry Wars fail on stylus precision, and Pokemon Pearl fails on being played out. Etrian Odyssey fails because I haven’t finished the first yet.

I’m also not sure if I can always play Etrian Odyssey for an hour, much like several of the GBA and GB games I have like Paperboy, Tetris, Gradius Galaxies, Gauntlet, or Joust.

I can’t find anything at my local stores or on major online retailers that I want, either. So, today I bought a PSP and Pangya Fantasy Golf. That’ll keep me playing a while, and when that’s done I have a number of choices to buy such as there makes of the early Star Oceans, RPGs by Atlus or Nippon Ichi, and apparently the Persona games are coming. I know little of them but they sounded interesting. Disgaea is even an option for crying out loud.

At an hour a day I could play that on the elliptical for over 6 months.Those sounded interesting.

I’d never have bought a PSP for its own sake. But to keep exercising, it’s worth the money.


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