Nippon Ichi sucking all my time away

On August 21, 2009, in General, by Neil Stevens

I’m never going to get in my 200 hours of Makai Kingdom at this rate. Today my CDs came from RosenQueen USA: Netherworld Harmony: Inauguration and Phantom Brave Wii. Well, technically I bought Phantom Brave Wii, but I only did so to get the soundtrack that came with it as I already own Phantom Brave PS2.

Of course, the real bad part is that I’ll now be tempted to replay Phantom Brave on the Wii since the We Meet Again version (We, Wii…) includes new chapters. Another 200 hours re-acquiring Laharl, Etna, Flonne, and the rest? When I already have Disgaea 2 and 3 in the queue? Oh no.

Nippon Ichi soundtrack collection now up to four, as the two join the Disgaea 3 CD that came with that game, and the La Pucelle CD I had a while ago. NIS passes Square, stuck at three (Chrono Trigger The Brink of Time, Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack, Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack).


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