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On August 11, 2009, in General, by Neil Stevens

Caleb Howe is a fantastic reporter. He finds things. He reports facts. He causes trouble for the Democrats. It’s great stuff.

There’s just a catch: he needs money. Unless people give him money to do the work, he can’t pay his bills and feed his family. Then he continues to find other work, which takes time that could be spent on reporting.

So Caleb is raising money at his site Acticons and at RedState. I hope someday he’s able to secure some funding to just become a full time nuisance with a camera.

And of course, the motivated activist and talented writer Moe Lane is always raising money. He deserves it. His work moderating at RedState alone is a job that helps the movement by helping make the site strong. The fact that he’s also a practiced public speaker and witty writer, and uses those talents to lead and motivate activists for our cause, is a bonus. We get two hats on one guy. And both hats cost money. So I hope people buy lots of stuff through his Amazon affiliation. Who motivates the motivator? Us.

And, finally, at Caleb’s suggestion I made my own tip jar. There are so many things I wish I could buckle down and do for RedState, but starting a business, it’s just impossible to commit that kind of time. I have to try to get work for that, plus keep money coming in. My RS time has a cap as a result, which is why my writing on the site has virtually vanished. So any generosity is greatly appreciated, and will help.

I committed to putting the time into RedState when the readers donated for RedState 3.0. I’m honoring that commitment, but helping me gives me more time to do that.


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