My Questions about Star Trek

On May 14, 2009, in General, by Neil Stevens

Look sharp. There are spoilers in this post. Stop reading if you haven’t seen the new Star Trek.

This text is just a buffer in case you want to avoid spoilers but are still reading. You really should stop reading this and just see the movie instead. It’s truly better than Khan.

Still here? Blah.

Last chance.

OK, here I go.

I assume T’Pau was one of the ones Spock goes in to save. Did she make it out? They never say that I noticed, but maybe watching the right moments in slow motion would make it clear.

How about T’Pring and Saavik? Did they escape? Saavik wouldn’t be entering Starfleet Academy for at least another few years if she was taking the Kobayashi Maru a couple years after the Enterprise’s original five year mission. T’Pring would seem to be well-connected enough to escape, but we aren’t told.

And did Kirk ever meet Carol Marcus? This is important because without that meeting David’s never born, so he never changes the conditions of the test and introduces protomatter into his mother’s project, meaning the Genesis device never gets made.

With no Genesis device to test, even if Enterprise still finds Botany Bay and then maroons her crew on Ceti Alpha 5, Khan never gets to hijack Reliant.

Enquiring minds want to know if we’re getting a Wrath of Khan remake.


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