A Bold Move

On May 1, 2009, in General, by Neil Stevens

It’s official: I’ve ordered a Blackberry Bold, dock, and holster today. $390 for the Bold with standard accessories, $25 or so for the other two bits.

I’ll give all of that time to get here, and then I will plan my escape from Verizon. Toward the end of my current billing period I’ll head on over to AT&T to get service for my Bold, as well as move my phone number from my Curve. Then I’ll buy out my Verizon contract, and that will be that.

I shall have a bigger screen, better keyboard, no contract, and a flexible, portable GSM Blackberry.

Oh, and after the initial investment of all this hardware (which is a tax writeoff), the AT&T service is $10/mo cheaper anyway. Win, win, win.


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