On Beverages

On April 29, 2009, in General, by Neil Stevens

So in high school, the beverage I guzzled was Pepsi, with some Wild Cherry Pepsi when I could get it. I normally had to settle for Cherry Coke out of the machine though.

In college, that got supplemented by Starbucks Frappucinos. Mocha with three shots by the time I left school.

I cut back on the coffee after school, and Pepsi returned to the norm. But then I cut further and eliminated caffeine completely, taking me to today when my staple has been Caffeine Free Pepsi. I gained weight in the short run but I probably sleep better. Plus caffeine works better when I want it.

That’s fine for at home though, but out and about it’s harder to bet the caffeine-free stuff. So now recently I’ve developed a taste for Arizona fruit punches. Well, not just the fruit punch flavor, but also the orange and watermelon. I wish I’d noticed this brand before, but my eyes glazed over assuming they were all teas, since that’s what the brand apparently started out as.

But business is business, and these days sometimes I stay up, and want caffeine. For that, I right now drink the Rockstar Mocha drinks. They taste better than the Starbucks Doubleshot cans, as the Starbucks are a bit overloaded with milk and sugar, leaving them too sweet. The Rockstar has less milk and tastes better.

And so that takes care of that. Except that 10 cans of Arizona and 2 cans of Rockstar are a lot to carry home, so I’m tired!


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