Colletti being Colletti

On August 1, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

For crying out loud, I am sick of Ned Colletti. Does anyone, anyone realisticly think that bringing in this past-his-prime, defensive-embarassment, clubhouse-cancer of an outfielder Manny Ramirez is going to win the Dodgers the World Series? Is he even going to win us one game should we make it to the NLDS?

If not, then the trade is incredibly bad. It’s short-run, win-now thinking that Colletti has shown his whole time in LA. He’s just doing what they did in SF when he was an assistant. The only problem is, it made sense to do that with the Giants, because they could hear the Robb Nen, Jason Schmidt, and Barry Bonds clocks ticking. They had to Win Now™.

The Dodgers have no such stars to worry about, and don’t need to Win Now™. This is a terrible trade mindset, and all it does is drive further down my interest in the Colletti era Dodgers.

Related, Paul Lo Duca has no been released by the Nationals. By the Nationals. And yet we fired Paul DePodesta for trading him. As though it was the fault of not having a scrappy gamer or something caused our outfielder Drew to break his wrist, our shortstop Izturis to need Tommy John surgery, our closer Gagné to wreck his elbow, and our manager (whom DePodesta never got to replace) Tracy to fail to get with the program.

Nice bunch there, that group of players and manager. Where are they all today? I hate the way the Dodgers are run. Business-wise I like what Frank McCourt has done, particularly with his commitment to renovating Dodger Stadium rather than being a whining baby and demanding taxpayer subsidization of a new stadium (though the purist in me regrets the park losing some of its pitcher-friendliness). But baseball-wise, I couldn’t be more unhappy.

If Oakland fans really are sick of Billy Beane, I’ll be glad to trade.


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