Congratulations Godfather

On June 19, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

Today, on the day of another Neocon Democratic victory, I must congratulate Godfather Jerome Armstrong. He and his new Democratic leadership clique have accomplished so much for Neocons recently, that he must be so proud of these accomplishments of the Howard Dean era of the Democratic party:

  • Continuing war funding
  • Agreeing on Telecom FISA immunity
  • Thwarting Presidential and Vice Presidential impeachment

Yes, there is that as-yet failure to nominate Hillary Clinton, but it’s quite a record. And yet, the great Vis Numar does not rest on his laurels, oh no. He’s pressing on and continuing to set the Neocon agenda within the Gate-Crashed Democratic Party:

Congressional Dems should adopt the position [of promoting drilling for oil in America’s coastal waters], include some safeguards, and alongside billions in funding for finding alternative fuel solutions, make it part of a long-term solution…. [T]he ideological purity position of there being an environmental/aesthetic argument against it is exactly the position the Republicans want us to adopt.

Armstrong, Moulitsas, and Dean have done so well in reshaping the Democratic party into one not merely able to follow Republican orders in Congress as a pliable minority, but to take the lead and implement the core pieces of the moderate Neocon agenda as the majority. All those centrist Democrats that the Netroots were told to get elected are truly paying off in crushing the radical left’s say in the Democratic agenda. Winning over moderate Republicans must come before ideological purity, no matter how many Republican positions are adopted.

So for today I salute you, Vis Numar, as the triumphant enemy of my enemy.


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