We Interrupt 2008’s Drums of Doom with context

On June 15, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

Over at Next Right, Patrick Ruffini points out what’s been influencing the polls and which of those influences are going away:

So, we saw an initial round of polling showing Mitch McConnell trailing in Kentucky and Elizabeth Dole up within the margin in North Carolina and John Cornyn only up by 4 in Texas.

And today?

Dole leads by 14. Cornyn is up by 17. Gordon Smith, who has to be on anyone’s list of beatable Republican incumbents leads Jeff Merkley by 9 in Oregon, an Obama +8 state.

I’m not saying things aren’t tough, particularly in the Senate. But I would argue there is a chance for more of a “normal” year than a repeat wave, which would be an historical aberration.

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