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On March 21, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

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Elaborating on an earlier Redhot, a reader sent in this translation of The Divided States of America, a Turkish site dedicated to readers carving up our country to make a point.

Read on for the text…


(Stuff in English)

Respected reader,

“Divided USA Maps” continue to come from those of you who were interested in our “USA In Our Hearts” invitation that we began to broadcast from our site in August. We present for your attention all of the maps received from the date of March 28, 2007.

Some of these maps are witty, others are based on historical and sociological realities; they all stand up as precious examples that exhibit the witty understanding and talent for strategic reasoning of the Turkish Nation.

Below you can find that we have chosen for you some of the maps we have received up to the present moment.

The goals are listed below; if the homeland of the Turkish Nation is only on paper, we will continue to spread and draw “Divided USA” maps that remind those with the audacity to redraw us that their own ground is just as slippery.

1) To answer with gusto to the USA based attack at least in the psychological dimension: (not sure about “kısacası nefs-i müdafaa”)

2) It is by force that the USA and its partners ally themselves against the nations of the world; to insert into the well of knowledge of the Turkish People and the Nations of the World how the nations of the world will be able to edit anew a situation that they can use to their advantage: in short, to encourage a creative geopolitical thinking. 3) With a conference that will be organized on this subject; to put on the table as an academic subject the process and dynamics of dividing the USA: in short, applying the Wilson doctrine to the USA in the academic sense.

4) To plant as a seed of thought in the brains of the people of the USA how the geopgraphy of the fascist police state of the USA will be rearranged in a more democratic and just form for the subaltern peoples that comprise it; in short, to contribute to the coming of democracy to the USA!

As a comrade in this effort you can be of help by:

a) Spreading this website (Turkish and English versions) to as many addresses as possible

b) By personally taking a pen to paper, drawing yourself maps of the USA in our hearts, and sending them to us along with the rationale (submission address:

c) Translating languages other than Turkish and English

To the name of the country that we are resolved in defending until the death;

It is with hope that we set out together on the struggle that we perform until our last thoughts.

Thank you AaronVB for the translation!


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