Super Paper Mario

On March 20, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

I had a specific reason to, so I finished off Super Paper Mario last night. I still have some post-endgame things to look at (like the 100 battles of World 6), but I feel confident enough to make a verdict on the overall game.

Plot: wonderful. Honestly, I’d have gotten bored of the game if not for the plot. No spoilers, but it’s interesting. Very un-Mario-like, I think. But that comes at a cost.

I picked up the game because I was under the impression that it’s part Mario action, and part RPG. It is, but both parts are mediocre. The RPG part is dull and mechanical, and the action part is way too easy to be worth anything.

Best parts of the game: the plot and mini-arcade. Can I recommend the game, therefore? No, not really. Enjoyable, but there are better games out there.


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