Gary Gygax is dead

On March 4, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

You know, I’ve been thinking about picking up one of those d20 systems out there, and trying to join an online RPG group.

First RPG materials I ever had were what came in The D&D basic set. I can tell I had the 13th printing becuase of what year it came out, my recognition of the box art, and the fact that mine came with a crayon for the dice. 12th was too early, 14th had no crayon, so I had to have the 13th.

Apparently I agreed with Gygax’s preference for a richer system, because among other things I didn’t like how elves couldn’t have a class. They were just elves. I wanted an elf wizard though.

So I got myself the Second Edition AD&D stuff, and well, that took care of lunch hour for a good three years in high school, right up until my good friend drifted away to his new friends in drama stuff, at which time I ended up picking up a new game I’d run into called Magic: The Gathering.

We never really did sit down and play it according to the rules. The books and things we mostly just used as inspiration. But we used it.

Thanks, Gary, on whatever Outer Plane you’re at now.


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