Lakers 130, Suns 124

On February 21, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

A tremendous game, just as you’d expect between the new Lakers and the new Suns. It’s funny that despite both teams having new big men (Shaq making his first appearance in a Suns uniform), you get a final like Lakers 130, Suns 124 without any overtime.

The win is so so critical for the Lakers. The Lakers retake the Pacific division lead by moving into a tie with the Suns, but also winning the season series 3-1, and therefore taking the tiebreaker.

So close throughout, but it was nice that the Lakers led most of the way, if only by a few points.

We’ll see what the Suns can do when they adjust to Shaq, though. Right around, oh, the Western Conference Finals I guess.


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