This is what we’re up against

On February 15, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

This is a special message for those conservatives out there who have even the slightest doubt that we all need to band together for the political fight this year.

Are you angry at John McCain? Then you’re angry at the wrong man. Look, before you forget: while we’re chasing our own tails worrying about the perfect candidate, our opponents are still there. They have no principles, no consciences, and will feel no remorse about doing and saying whatever it takes to achieve political victory in November.

Here’s a video put out by some supporters of Senator Barack Obama. I hesitate to give it any air, but I think it must be seen to get the impact. Here we have the propaganda for the masses: take a funny, little video and sneak in a great, big lie. If you count on your base being undereducated enough to believe the lie, then you win big.

We do now know what the big lie will be in 2008. in 2004 the lie was that Republicans will start drafting young men and women to fight and die in Iraq. It was absurd; there was no support for the notion in government outside of a few radical Democrats. The Republican House of Representatives even overwhelmingly voted down Representative Charlie Rangel’s proposal. But they told the lie anyway, over and over, knowing that far too many Democrats and Democratic-leaners are just too dumb not to fall for it.

In 2008 the lie is that we’ll be fighting and dying in Iraq forever, with the death toll mounting without end, should John McCain be elected President. As ‘proof’ of this, they show McCain saying that he’s ‘fine’ with the US being in Iraq for that long.

What’s the catch? We all know that’s not what he means. Educated Democrats even know that’s not what he means. Those of us who’ve studied history and follow politics all know that McCain envisions us building a partnership of peace and prosperity with Iraq the way we have successfully with South Korea, Japan, and Germany. There’s no more reason to fear a lengthy stay in Iraq any more than we gnash our teeth at our perpetual deployments in those countries, but they tell the lie anyway.

Barack Obama’s supporters tell this lie anyway, the same way Democrats tell the big lie every time, because they know full well that their target audience will fall for it. They feel no shame in using false pretenses to win the Presidency.

Can any right thinking person stand aside and let this travesty go unchallenged? I hope not. We must join together and defeat these liars to the last man. Barack Obama’s Big Lie must be destroyed. His fairy tales must be burned to the ground and scattered into the winds.

We must not let them get away with this. Nothing John McCain has ever done is more important than that.


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