McCain: The conservative choice on technology

On February 4, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

Gizmodo weighed in on the Republican Presidential race today, being good little Democrats and not being able to resist injecting politics where they don’t belong. Their pick is Mike Huckabee, but I think their own chart shows John McCain to be the pick.

They rate the credible candidates plus Ron Paul on three big government issues: “Net Neutrality” laws and regulation, Government subsidies for “Renewable Energy,” and high speed Internet access subsidies.

Mike Huckabee is their choice because they show him in favor of “Net Neutrality” laws, supportive of energy subsidies, and having taken no position on Internet subsidies. He scores two for two positions taken on big government, and could yet take the big government position on the third. No, thank you.

Mitt Romney is like Huckabee light. They find no position of his on Internet subsidies or “Net Neutrality,” but they say he favors energy subsidies. One for one with two possibilities later.

John McCain comes in sharp contrast with these two. Gizmodo cites him as being flat out against Internet subsides and energy subsidies, but “hedging” on “Net Neutrality.” One half out of three, then.

So I’m forced to draw the opposite conclusion that Gizmodo took. John McCain is the best Republican on the technology issues they list. He’s best in tune with our values, and best for our country’s continued growth and prosperity.


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