AB1X1 dies in committee

On January 28, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

Governor Schwarzenegger invested much effort into trying to get ‘universal coverage’ here in California, but his tax and spend and probably illegal medical care plan he concocted with Assembly Speaker Núñez isn’t going anywhere. The relevant Senate committee killed it on a 10-1 vote today. The Republicans voted 4-0 against it, the Democrats 6-1 against.

Says the Sacramento Bee:

Opponents, citing a report released last week by the Legislative Analyst’s Office that concluded the plan might be underfunded by billions of dollars, said they were concerned about adding to the state’s projected $14.5 billion deficit.

“It doesn’t matter how many good things are in the bill if there isn’t money to pay for them,” said Sen. Sheila Kuehl, D-Santa Monica and chairwoman of the committee.

Ha ha. About the only bad thing about this is that it now won’t go to court, and set a precedent for getting MassCare thrown out as well.


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