California 4: DCCC not giving up

On January 18, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

The DCCC is not giving up on California’s 4th district despite the fact John Doolittle already dropped out. Now that it’s an open seat, the Democrats are naming it one of their ten targetted open seats, where national money will be spent trying to put Democratic repeat challenger Charlie Brown over the top.

“You’re a good man, Charlie Brown,” the Democrats are saying, remembering that he lost to the embattled* Doolittle by less than four points in 2006 but the problem is, with Doolittle out this district is Lucy Van Pelt. California 4 voters supported President Bush by 24 points in 2004, and Governor Girly Man by 50 points in 2006. It’s not going to happen.

So bring on the dollars, Democrats. Spend it all here instead of defending your own vulnerable freshmen.

Just a reminder: Red State has endorsed Eric Egland in this district, as a War on Terror veteran who can change the face of the party in Washington. However defeating the party veterans now jumping into the race will be tougher than beating John Doolittle, so he’ll need all the support we can give him.

* “Embattled” is of course the standard term for a Republican who has not actually been charged with any crimes, but just accused and investigated. In this case though, I use it to refer to a man who has lost the support of his home district, as Doolittle had.


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