RIAA Lunacy

On December 30, 2007, in General, by Neil Stevens

Moe Lane points out some RIAA lunacy:

Hi. Do you own a MP3 player? Do you use it for car trips, gym visits, commutes, or just as a substitute for a rather bulky stereo system? Do you have any of your legally bought CDs on that MP3 player? WAIT! Don’t answer that last one, because if the answer’s “yes” and some lawyer for the RIAA sees it, they’ll sue you for copyright infringement.

I am not making this up:

What’s funny is that Foxtrot hit the DMCA today on a similar issue:

Jason: I can’t wait for Congress to get back to work.
Peter: Why’s that?

Jason: Imagine you’re a lawmaker, and you’ve got an iPod or Zune as a Christmas Gift…

Jason: What’s the first thing you’ll want to do? Why, transfer your music and video collections onto it, of course.

Jason: But wait! There’s a problem! While it’s legal to copy music from your CDs onto the device, it’s not legal to do the same thing with your DVDs! Noooooooo!

Jason: And whose fault is that? YOURS. Because you voted for the stupid Digital Millennium Copyright Act back in 1998.

Jason: Naturally, your first order of business next month will be to repeal that boondoggle.
Peter: What makes you think they all got iPods for Christmas! Andrea: Which one of you kids charged $85 thousand worth of stuff with my Visa?!?


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