So Late

On December 21, 2007, in General, by Neil Stevens

I’m just getting so caught up in Phantom Brave, the last game in my queue before I pick some up soon, that the last three days I’ve stayed up way too late.

I’ve been driven to get a Fusionist, thinking I had to level up all these jobs. But, having noticed tonight that I have the Fusionist and Blacksmith available (in monster version), that’s set, and I have a plan for making my the main two characters invincible:

Step 1: Level all my characters but Marona quickly by going into Random Dungeons of high level, but with the Failure title set. Pick up great items while I’m there. Step 1a: Use those great items to make ideal items with Fusion and Blacksmithing. Step 2: Level Marona quickly by going into Random Dungeons with normal titles, winning using all those very high level characters from above. Step 3: Use my very high level team to start creating two very very good titles (one for each of Ash and Marona), by starting with some great title,t hen putting it on a random dungeon, clearing that dungeon, then putting it on another dungeon, etc. etc. Step 4: Move on to the second map of the game, and proceed from there to win.


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