The Joy of Tracking Polls 8

On December 10, 2007, in General, by Neil Stevens

I can’t be sure, but the movement in the last week of the Rasmussen tracking poll looks like a regression to the previous norms, although with a bump for Huckabee:

Rasmussen Tracking

Yes, Giuliani’s back to his stable quarter of Republicans, and Huckabee has fallen from his brief dalliance over 20%. Romney’s remarkably steady at 13%, Thompson’s back from a one day slide below 10% (his first and only time in single digits, meaning now only Giuliani has not polled that low).

It’s amazing to me how close the pack is staying overall, though. It seems to me that barring some major event, nothing’s going to change until somebody quits, but with everything so close, who’s going to quit?

Oh, and what’s also interesting is that because Giuliani and Huckabee are still moving in opposite directions, it just could be that some voters are shifting from one to the other, then back. Did the reports of Giuliani’s affair being taxpayer funded cause a knee-jerk reaction toward the Baptist minister in the race? Maybe.


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