Setting the line on the nomination

On November 10, 2007, in General, by Neil Stevens

Rudy Giuliani: 3:2

I don’t describe him as the frontrunner, so much as the guy who’s gotten a bye out of the first round. His role in the race is unique, and he gets to sit back and wait for who his leading challenger will be. It also helps that he has a good shot at pluralities in Florida and possibly New Hampshire. Had he said the right things, he might have had this nomination with the sort of dominance that Republican nominees tend to have. As it is though, he’s left openings for these other guys…

Mitt Romney: 3:1

For better or for worse, Mitt Romney is your Candidate-in-a-Can. An executive in government and private life, squeaky-clean background, saying all the right things on all the right issues, is doing well in the traditional states one has to do well in, plus has the voice and the look to match. If he hadn’t run left for Senate and Governor in Massachusetts, I think this race would be all over by now. As it is though, he’s left openings for these other guys…

Fred Thompson: 7:1

Romney and Giuliani tried their hardest to give this race to him, but clumsy speaking engagements (which of course was a big “failed to meet expectations” for a guy known as an actor) turned off some activists and left the race as open as ever, leaving the door open for these other guys…

John McCain: 7:1

Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, and Huckabee have all but handed the race to this guy, who months ago was supposed to be left for dead with the base against him, no money, and an air of death. But people are starting to walk back now, so who knows?

Mike Huckabee: 10:1

Sam Brownback dropping out was supposed to be his ticket to doubled support and huge momentum. Well, he got both, but doubled support and huge momentum only carry you so far when you’re starting at the Margin of Error. So he already shot his wad, but now comes the counter attack…

Ron Paul: 99:1

These odds aren’t nearly long enough, but to be honest he doesn’t belong up here. The only way he wins is if something happens to all of the above gentlemen.


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