A challenge to Rudy Giuliani: Prove It

On October 6, 2007, in General, by Neil Stevens

Rudy Giuliani launched an unprovoked attack on fellow Republicans yesterday, specifically the Congressional Republicans who to my knowledge have never come after him.

Says the Washington Times:

“We lost Congress because, ultimately, our party in Congress became just like the Democrats as far as spending money is concerned. Shame on us! Shame on us!” the former New York City mayor said. “What we should stand for is fiscal discipline.”

My challenge to Giuliani is to prove this charge; prove that our Congressional Republicans are a) just like the Democrats on spending and b) weren’t fiscally discliplined in their policy development.

Regular readers may know that slicing up federal budgets is a hobby of mine, good for a never ending series of charts and analysis, each seeming to come up with yet another conclusion. So I actually am interested to know where Giuliani is coming up with this charge, and what metrics he’s using to come to this definitive conclusion.

I just hope he’s not taking the charge from the press, or from the Porkbusters, to whom ‘runaway’ spending in 1% of the budget (that amount Citizens against Government Waste has labelled ‘pork’) is somehow indicative of a Congress run amok, spending wildly with no restraint.

That would be bad because one of his selling points is that Giuliani is a fighter for our cause and against the baseless smears made from time to time against our party, not against us and with those smears.


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