Ron Paul really is a nut

On September 30, 2007, in General, by Neil Stevens

For the longest time I thought Ron Paul was just the same old eccentric libertarian he always was, with his supporters being unasked for in their wide range of nuttiness. That is, he didn’t search out 9/11 Truthers, Stormfronters, International ANSWERers, and the like, but they found him.

Now I’m not so sure, and suspect he’s as much a fruitcake as they are.

Just read Ron Paul’s message to his supporters on Friday to see what I mean:

Holy smokes! I can’t keep track of our zooming fundraising total, but I am noting all those wonderful names!

Whenever I can, I go online to check the latest score. What a boost!

It means that this Revolution has legs–very strong, very fast moving legs, and that the establishment, from the Fed to the tax police to the military-industrial complex, is right to worry.

Was $1 million too conservative a figure? Make my day, impress the media, and set all our opponents back on their heels, by shooting past $1 million before Midnight on Sunday, September 30! How high can we go? $1.5 million?

Donate here. And from the bottom of my heart: Thank you!


(Emphasis added) Can you believe this guy? He actually seems to think that the whole establishment is worried about him. That’s scary stuff, because if you think they’re all worried about you, you’re not far off from thinking they’re all out to get you. And that’s when Paul will really go off the deep end.

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