Nancy Pelosi: Hero for Abstinence

On September 30, 2007, in General, by Neil Stevens

It’s funny; I’d always thought that the far left bought and owned the Democratic party. They kept saying that anyway, and I guess I believed them.

But now I’m starting to have doubts. I mean, aren’t those guys opposed to sexual abstinence programs, of the kind that Speaker Nancy Pelosi just let through the House? The Washington Times is vague on the details, but I’m assuming that the abstinence funding (for the poor even!) was stuffed into the bill to renew and expand SCHIP, judging by the quotes from the ‘frustrated’ Rep. James Moran, Democrat from Virginia.

The Netroots worked their tails off getting Democrats these majorities, and what’s the payback? FISA, the surge, and now abstinence. That doesn’t sound like a very good bargain to me.


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