Yamamoto Youko

On June 23, 2007, in General, by Neil Stevens

Out of the blue I ran into the fact that there was a Yamamoto Youko television series made. It’s different from the OVA in a few small ways (notably in the order that the pilots were recruited, and of course in the role of Sylvie/Sara Dredd), but it’s otherwise remarkably true. Of course it helps when you have the same character designs, same voice talents (all but Momiji I believe), and even the same opening theme artist.

Of course I had to download it immediately and watch the thing. I didn’t do it in one sitting; I spread it out over a few weeks, and just now finished it. It was so light for most of it, but at the very end the tension rose, and rose, and rose, and rose, such that after breaking it all up I had to watch the last few episodes all at once.

I don’t know which is more like the original story, but they’re both nice. They’re both great. Whew. I’m not quite as drained as when I watched Stellvia, but it’s still one of my favorites ever.

Now I need to watch a little show I’ve heard about called Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. I get the vague impression that Suzumiya Haruhi is another of those characters I’m going to like, much like Yamamoto Youko or Jinnai Nanami. We’ll see, though.


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