Where are your Democrats now, “Libertarians?”

On January 19, 2007, in General, by Neil Stevens

It’s been a big week in the online poker world. Neteller, the leading money transfer service, had two of its founders arrested in the United States, and the company has, for US customers, since shut down transfers to and from online cardrooms.

These are likely just the latest consequences of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, following the closing of Party Poker and select other online cardrooms to US players. That act is the one that we’ve been told was responsible for the Republican defeat in 2006. Supposedly it was the “social conservatives” who “betrayed real Republican values” by passing this bill, and in the process doomed the party because it sent “real small-government folk” to the Democrats in droves.

Where are those Grand Libertine Democrats for you now, guys? Weren’t they supposed to be free of that Evil Theocratic influence, and be stopping all this? Or do Robertson and Dobson control Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, too?

What are the bills pending in the House and Senate to repeal the UIGEA? And when are they scheduled to get floor votes? Since you guys said the Republicans lost because of this bill because the Democrats were the real libertarians on this, right?

So let’s hear it. Rub it in how the Democrats are acting swiftly on this issue, capitalizing on and solidifying that new vast base for them. Let’s hear about how the pro-poker Presidential ticket is gaining volunteers and cash quickly. That, or admit you were wrong. Either way, I’ll be satisfied.


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