Don’t Settle!

On December 7, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

Friends, Republicans, Conservatives, lend me your ears!

The 2006 federal elections are done, and the time has come for 2008 campaigning to begin. Some candidates have started in earnest, and others will surely soon follow.

The mainstream press will push their agenda on us Republicans, its legions of Democrats in the newsroom informing us poor, dumb sheeple which candidates are viable and which are not.

They will tell us after a few small primaries and caucuses that select candidates have been eliminated, nevermind the lessons of races like 1976 in which the establishment candidate won in Iowa and New Hampshire, but the conservative kept on fighting and made it the closest primary race ever.

We must resist though! We must look at the field and decide on our own who to support, right on through to the final primary! Because if we conservatives do not speak up for ourselves, and instead settle for who is best among the candidates we’re told we’re allowed to support, then we’ve prematurely squelched our own voice in the process.

If you don’t speak up, then you don’t get to complain when the next Republican President fails do meet your standards! Because what do you expect when you cede control over our primary process to Democrats?


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