A lesson from California

On November 8, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

For those in Democratic states, or even nationally, who think some prominent lefties would help rebuild the Republican party, look at California. It doesn’t work.

Last night, Arnold Schwarzenegger was re-elected Governor, but Republicans lost the races for Senator, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer, Secretary of State, and Controller. The only other Republican to win was Steve Poizner for Insurance Commissioner, a pro-abortion Republican who ran against the corrupt Cruz Bustamante, the Democrat who betrayed Gray Davis and ran in the Recall election.

Meanwhile all the new borrowing passed, the Legislature stayed strongly Democratic, and eminent domain reform failed. Is this any way to run a party?

No, if you want to build a party, you have to start with some ideas people can rally around. ‘Electable’ mavericks don’t accomplish that.

Count me with the Directors of Red State. It’s time to take a right turn, reject neoconservative policies (by which I mean ‘big government’ or ‘compassionate conservatism’), and reunify the base.


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