Oh yes, my predictions

On November 6, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

For what it’s worth: Talent wins, Allen wins, Corker wins, and either Steele or Burns wins. Lamont loses with 36%

Republicans keep the Senate. As for the House, I really don’t know. 435 races are too many to examine. But I can say this: going into this election, I figured the Senate, not the House, would be at risk. With the House we have the advantages of the economy, incumbency, traditional high own-representative ratings (thanks in part to pork), and of course we have gerrymandering. In the Senate, however, we were almost completely on defense this year thanks to horrible recruitment and a lousy run at the NRSC by Senator Dole.

So if the Republicans keep the House I won’t be surprised. I will be joyful, and I will be relieved, but I won’t be surprised.

Oh, and if we do lose, it’s because of local issues: Governor Taft in Ohio, Daylight Time in Indiana, Delay taking too long to resign, and things like that. Nothing national.


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