Another October Surprise

On October 16, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

Here’s another October Surprise! Says the BBC:

A new book by a former US official says President Bush’s top political advisers privately ridiculed evangelical leaders, while publicly embracing them.

David Kuo says the aides recognised the religious leaders’ political use in securing election victories.

The White House has denied the claims by Mr Kuo, a former official in the Faith-Based Initiatives programme.

….The former official alleges senior aides to the president described the evangelical leaders in private as “nuts” and “goofy”, while acknowledging their political use in securing election wins.

It’s desperation time in Democrat land. And it just shows what they think of the religious right, that their surprises these days are always aimed at that group. They think that whole faction is populated by gullible morons.


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