Responsibility on the Internet

On October 11, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

Michelle Malkin (see, I told you I like a lot of what she writes) has some across some great news in USA Today:

A Florida woman has been awarded $11.3 million in a defamation lawsuit against a Louisiana woman who posted messages on the Internet accusing her of being a “crook,” a “con artist” and a “fraud.”

….Scheff says she wanted to make a point to those who unfairly criticize others on the Internet. “I’m sure (Bock) doesn’t have $1 million, let alone $11 million, but the message is strong and clear,” Scheff says. “People are using the Internet to destroy people they don’t like, and you can’t do that.”

Some people forget that you’re still dealing with real people on the other end, when you’re on the Internet. It’s high time the people who get out of hand, started to pay.


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