Michelle Malkin unserious about the War (UPDATED)

On October 9, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

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I like a lot of what Michelle Malkin writes, but this comment about the 2006 election is shocking:

I think I’m just going to sit it out. As if it were possible, the White House has succeeded in demoralizing the base even further with this latest bungle. And it has no one to blame–not Democrats, not the media, not a far-Left cabal–but itself.

Goodbye Saigon

So she’s ready to let the Unhinged folk rush out unopposed to the polls to take over the Congress? Maybe ‘shocking’ is the wrong word, because ‘shameful’ may be closer to the target. How could anyone who so clearly understands the threat of Islamofascism, or for that matter the Korean Missile Crisis, allow the Democrats such a win? How can any of us allow history to repeat itself?

Updated: She appears to have changed her mind, which is great to see:

***scroll for updates…hasty declarations…

Update: 10/1012:57am. Sigh. The perils of blogging while traveling. It looks like Mickey was wrong– and I was wrong to pull out a premature I-told-you-so on the pocket veto claim. And this one item won’t be a reason for sitting out the election. Xrlq lays into me. Point taken, though nothing he says rebuts my argument that many other more immediate immigration enforcement steps could and should have been taken ahead of this fence gesture. Ed Morrissey has more on how the actual signing is being delayed until closer to election time.

Which is the problem with the GOP’s immigration strategy–always putting politics above actual enforcement.***

I still disagree with that last paragraph, because I think most of the pro-clemency Republicans take that position to encourage economic growth, but that’s a debate for another day.


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