Anti-Semitic? Anti-Gay? Anti-American?

On October 2, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

We’ve often been told that the PLO and Hamas cannot possibly be ‘anti-semitic’ because their members are semitic, or that Democrats, Greens, and other leftists cannot possibly be anti-American because they are American!

It turns out that this logic apparently breaks down when Republicans are involved, though, judging by these comments found by PoliPundit’s Michael Illions:

“I first started to report on Foley in March 2003,” said [Michael] Rogers, who is gay. “The reason why – he’s antigay. He voted for the Defense of Marriage Act and has not renounced that vote. He refused to acknowledge that he supported the repeal of `don’t ask, don’t tell.’ He would not sign on as a co-sponsor. He should be held accountable for not supporting that or co-sponsoring.

Veeery interesting emphasis added.


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