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On September 18, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

And here I thought I was going to bed… computer off, winding down. Kent leads off the 9th with a home run to cut the Padres lead to 3 (Saito gave up 3 in the top half). I then laughed “Oh, back to back to back would be nice, though that wouldn’t win it. It wouldn’t even tie it.”

So the second homer came. Wow, that’s exciting. So Bruce Bochy quits fooling around and brings in Trevor Hoffman, who didn’t start the inning because it was a four-run lead. “OK, now it’s over,” I figured.

Then another homer came. Wow, I laughed about it, but it actually happened. You lose this game, though, and it’s even more heartbreaking.

Then it happened. Kent had already homered, then Drew, then Martin. But now Marlon Anderson hit the fourth consecutive home run, tying the game. This was only the fourth time ever that there were four consecutive home runs, and the first time in 42 years.

I’m turning the computer back off right now again, not to turn it back on unless something even MORE historic than this happens. I just turned it back on now to capture the thrill of this moment.

Oh, that was the first blown save by Hoffman against the Dodgers since 2001. That’s been a painful stretch, but the end sure was sweet.


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